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Service in Australia

Melbourne Update

The Health in Kind Team in Melbourne had their monthly Divine Mother and Child programme for refugee families on June 19, 2019. The doctors and pharmacist briefly spoke about keeping healthy in the winter season. Information on vitamin supplements were given. The pharmacy donated free multivitamins for children, to the group. New families who had recently arrived to Australia from Iran came to the session and were able to have free medical consultations and some dental treatment.


The Heart of Love volunteers also had the weekly feeding at a disadvantaged caravan park on the eastern side of Melbourne. The team provided fresh, hot meals and good company to 30 - 40 residents. In eastern Melbourne, there was the monthly session with the refugee community, providing a warm meal and positive character building activities for children. There were also medical consultations provided with this month’s session. 

During Swami’s Divine Visit to Melbourne in May, He had asked for weekly children’s values education sessions to be started, based on the Growing to be God platform. This was started in June and currently has six children from the local community attending weekly sessions of values based interactive activities!

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