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The local Health in Kind Team held a Medical Clinic on March 14, 2019 at Toogoolawa School.


This year 43 consents were obtained from parents, compared to just 12 in 2018.

The team conducted health awareness, medical and dental checks. Talks were presented on hygiene and oral health to two classes of around 25 students each. Dental packs and roll on deodorants were given to all the boys. This was quite an interactive session, boys showed much interest and requested them to speak on drugs and alcohol, hormonal changes and moods. The plan is to continue these health awareness sessions each term and cover more classes. Medical and dental screening checks were completed for five boys. A scrumptious lunch was provided afterwards to all the students.


Every week, the Brisbane team goes out to the streets in conjunction with the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade. The team also does homemade sandwich distribution on Sundays. This covers four areas in Brisbane City where homeless people converge. The youth distribute, on average, 96 juice packets and between 10 – 15 sandwiches. With the sandwiches, the team have worked out a niche area and distribute to those homeless people who have missed the food vans because they have slept in or for other reasons, thus helping people who would otherwise miss their morning meal. Most importantly the homeless people have formed a bond with the youth and wait for them every Saturday morning. Their presence provides them comfort and a sense of community – someone who cares about them. The team is known affectionately by the recipients as ‘The Juice Men’!

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