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Service in Australia


Murwillumbah High School Breakfast programme is continuing every morning from Monday to Friday. A total of approximately 800 students were served in the month of May. 40 students on average, are served breakfast per day by Heart of Love volunteers and school teachers /students. 


The fruit and veggies hampers continue to be made every week. Volunteers gather to pack hampers for 20 families. The Heart of Love Foundation has now collaborated with another organisation called Second bite who rescue good, excess produce from leading supermarkets and redistribute it to non-profit organisations to enable food aid. 


Divine Mother and Child Screening occurred on two separate occasions this month. The first was on the May 18, 2019, at the annual indigenous community event (Kinship Festival). This festival celebrates the indigenous people and their culture, bringing the whole community together. The second event was on May 19, 2019. This was part of the ongoing quarterly screening in association with God's Closet, a Christian organisation initiative, where free clothes are distributed to many families in need. At both events, Health in Kind volunteers had a section set up to provide free screenings. The dental and audiology teams completed 19 patient screenings. The relaxation consultant provided 20 very relaxing massages to some very grateful mothers and the nurse saw nine patients, providing general health and wellness screening and education.

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