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Service in Australia


The Heart of Love team in Murwillumbah is continuing with their regular service activities. The daily breakfast program at the local secondary school is serving approximately 50 students who are receiving a healthy, hot breakfast before the school commences every day. The weekly food hampers are also continuing, with 20 very grateful families receiving fruits, vegetables and staple foods every Thursday.

The month of June is when Australia marks the beginning of winter where it gets quite cold, down to the single digits. The Heart of Love team came together to organise Winter Care Packages. These packages contained warm winter clothing items, blankets and personal hygiene / sanitary items. These were distributed to the local community centre as well as some of the residents without homes.


The Heart of Love team receives donations to make the weekly hampers for families. Due to consistently receiving more than what is required, the team decided to commence a Homeless Feeding Programme this month. Using the excess ingredients, the team made heart vegetarian sandwiches and burgers. This month alone, 320 packs were delivered to local members of the community and residents in the local shelter.

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