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Seva In Brisbane, Australia

The youth from Brisbane commenced a new feeding programme at a Caravan Park in Brighton Bayside. The residents at this caravan park were identified to be in need of help, many of whom are suffering from depression, health and financial struggles. The youth were requested by managers running the facility to provide a meal service for the residents as soon as possible!

Meals at this stage are served every Monday at 6:30pm. The youth cook the food in their homes after work and make their way to the venue to serve hot meals to the residents. Since commencing this month, 80 meals have already been served. The residents were so grateful after each meal service that many came to shake the hands of the youth and expressed their sincere gratitude for the meal they received. As these are early days at this facility, the youth are aiming to increase the frequency of the services in the months to follow, as well as work with Health in Kind, the medical service arm in Australia, to start some medical screenings for the residents.

On top of this initiative, the weekly meals for the students at Toogoolawa School is continuing every week with students receiving fresh, healthy lunches to keep them going during the mid-week ‘hump day’. The distribution of snack packs and juice packets to the homeless is also continuing every Saturday morning, where the youth head into the city to provide these packs to those who have been sleeping on the streets. This month, over 300 packs have been provided.

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