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Selfless Service in Australia

October 2020

Youth across the country are engaged in providing food and grocery hampers consisting of fruits, vegetables, condiments, non-perishables, milk and bread to families. Hot cooked meals are made daily and served to families who approach the youth, as well as weekly meal deliveries to low income residents at local caravan parks and to those without a home. Many families who are served come from low socioeconomic backgrounds, including indigenous Australian single mothers with little to no income.


In addition to this, the youth are providing breakfast supplies to three schools in Brisbane. The list is growing rapidly as demand for these supplies continues to increase. The supplies provided are used by the school staff to provide breakfast and lunch to students who have missed out on having these meals during school time. As always, all these services are rendered completely free of charge. The aim is to ensure that no one who approaches the volunteers goes to sleep hungry.


Youth medical volunteers in Perth have partnered with CARAD (Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees) to provide personal hygiene packs to approximately 100 needy families, monthly. These packs include laundry items, toilet papers, tissues, nappies, baby wipes, soaps, oral health items and personal cleansing supplies. These packs are received with much gratitude.


For the month of October, these are the numbers of hampers / meals provided:


New South Wales (Murwillumbah):

  • 130 food hampers have been provided, equating to approximately 1040 meals.

  • cooked meal-packs have been provided.



  • 60 food hampers have been provided, equating to approximately 480 meals.

  • 135 cooked meal-packs have been provided.

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