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Heart of Love Foundation

The main project youth in Australia are engaged in feeding programs through the provision of Food Grocery Hampers and cooked meals. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic halted many activities in some states but was boosted in others. Youth across Australia served 38097 meals in 2020!

2021 has started here with COVID-19 clusters popping up around different states again and we have experienced short lockdowns again in some areas. Despite these challenges, youth are still engaged in feeding programs to the best of their ability, given the circumstances. Youth are also looking to expand feeding programs to schools and community groups as the academic year recommences, as well as more regular feeding of the homeless.

In January 2021, youth have provided 3988 meals to those in need.

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In Murwillumbah, 99 Food and Grocery hampers were provided (equating to 1485 meals). 180 cooked meals were provided. These are provided to families in need.

In Brisbane, 91 Food and Grocery Hampers were provided (equating to 1365 meals). 958 cooked meals were provided. These are provided to families in need as well as to the homeless.

In Sydney, a partnership has been formed with the Jesuits Refugee Service, where youth provide staple food items and basic necessities to refugee families.

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