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In the city of Melbourne, the Sai youth run weekly values programme for children, and also a programme on parenting for parents. 


Early Childhood Development

The values programme in early childhood development focuses on children from the age group of five to thirteen years, split into three groups, and provides weekly interactive sessions based on the core human values through a range of fun activities. Due to COVID restrictions, these sessions were conducted online in June. The key focus of the recent sessions was centred around well-being and mindfulness especially through the current lockdown.

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Mindful Parenting 

The Sai youth also conducted the weekly online parenting sessions, which focussed on mindful parenting. The parents found these sessions, which focussed on strategies through COVID lockdowns, an avenue to share and grow.


Toys and Clothes for families in need

During the month of June, the Sai youth collected and co-ordinated the collection of clothes, blankets and toys for needy families with young and new-born children. These items were delivered to mostly refugee families who have been impacted by the COVID and are facing a difficult situation. This was organised in partnership with a local refugee community group which provided support to over 50 families.

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