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Another Health in Kind Initiative

Northern Gold Coast Service Opportunity at Toogoolawa School

The youth of Southeast Queensland had the opportunity to provide a healthy living session on healthy eating and drinking habits to the students of the Toogoolawa School in Ormeau (approximately 30 minutes south of Brisbane) on the June 6, 2017. This school is an independent school of approximately 75 boys who have difficulty in functioning in mainstream schooling and are basically given a second chance at obtaining an education with the added bonus of a focus on character development.

It was fortunate that a nurse from Health in Kind was able to deliver this session to all students of the school which added much value to the overall delivery of the messages for the students. The key messages were around the importance of being able to identify the right types of food and drink to ensure a healthy diet.

The students engaged extremely well with the presentation which we took as a surrogate indicator of the value of this presentation. They were very open to new information which was very pleasing to see. Additionally, the staff were very welcoming and appreciative of the session. They indicated how valuable this session was for the students and were keen for Health in Kind to come back and re-present the healthy diet session to reinforce the content.

The principal was very grateful for the interest that Health in Kind displayed towards supporting the well-being of the students of Toogoolawa School and their families. The next healthy living session will involve the Australian Football League coming along to sessions around physical activity in July over three sessions.

Perth youth continue their Sunday values classes with children

Being the peak of winter now and with a sudden drop in temperature here this week, on Friday July 7, 2017 Brisbane youth went out into the streets of the city after work to distribute blankets bought from the Tibetan shops in Kodaikanal. India with the money that Swami gave them. They also made some sandwiches and distributed them too.

Homeless feeding which continues in Brisbane

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