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Seva Summary from Australia

January – March, 2019

Youths from Australia have been involved in various Seva activities from earlier this year until this March.

Earlier this year, the youth from Perth and volunteers held their annual Christmas Party at Minnawarra House. As many as 40 children and their families were present. The spirit of Christmas spread as children were entertained with indoor and outdoor activities. On top of that, children got their much loved ice cream and an appearance from Santa Claus who distributed sweets and gifts.

In Melbourne, the Divine Mother and Child programme was held. In addition to medical services, Christmas lunch was provided. Fun games for children including face painting was also held. Children were delighted when Santa made an appearance and gave out Christmas presents!

Meanwhile, the youth of Murwillumbah invited indigenous elders and families from the surrounding areas to the Ashram for a Christmas lunch and family fun day. The service continues every month as a gratitude to the indigenous people who are the traditional owners of the land.

The programme continued the following month with additional events that included Murwillumbah High school programme, Murwillumbah Free Food Hampers, Townsville Flood Relief, Divine Mother and Child Health Screening in Murwillumbah and a monthly Divine Mother and Child Health Screening in Melbourne.


This March, the youth in Australia continued their Seva with various programmes in different regions:

  • In New South Wales, the youth conducted Mums and Bubs morning tea where families were gathered for fun activities for the children and relaxing tea for parents. The youth also conducted school breakfast programme in local Murwillumbah High School where children are provided breakfast before school. Lastly, the youth here provided nutritious food for the community with their weekly Fruit and Veggies Hamper!

  • In Melbourne, the youth continued to provide medical service to the community through the Divine Mother and Child programme which was held in West Melbourne and Dandenong (East Melbourne). In addition, for the first time, the youth conducted a volunteer sharing and information session for the service work done in Melbourne. As part of Swami’s youth for youth initiative, the aim was to share information about the active projects and inspire new youth to join and help out.

  • In Queensland, the Health in Kind team conducted a Medical Seva at Toogoolawa School on March 14. The team conducted health awareness, medical and dental checks. Talks were presented on hygiene and oral health to two classes of around 25 students each. Dental packs and roll on deodorants were given to all the boys. In addition, the Brisbane team go out every week to the streets in conjunction with the Ecumenical Coffee Brigade to distribute juice and sandwiches for the homeless people!

  • In Western Australia, volunteers from the Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Australia, conduct values based classes called 'Heart of Love - Life Skills and Self-Confidence Program' in the community for kids and youth.

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