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Seva Activities By Brazilian Youth

December 2019

Ever since Swami’s last visit to Brazil, Narayana Seva is the main activity done by the youth. They are currently serving food in four States: São Paulo, Rio de Janerio, Brasília and Pernambuco. One of the youth is serving as a psychologist, helping underprivileged children and youth with counseling in a free education school in the State of Minas Gerais. His report on his transformation through service has been included below.


Food Distribution by the Youth Group of São Paulo:

A small but persistent group of youth have been feeding people on the streets of São Paulo on a weekly basis, since Swami’s last visit. The food menu varies every week from curries to typical vegetarian Brazilian food that is always served with water and fruits.


Food Distribution by the Narayana Seva Youth Group in Rio de Janeiro:

Between November 15 - December 15, 2019, the Narayana Seva volunteer group completed its 29th distribution and in this 30-day period distributed 964 meals. The group has been meeting at four different alternating addresses. One of them is at the Spiritualist Union Center (CEU) that offers them its kitchen. The other three addresses are devotees’ houses. The service activity is held during weekends with the participation of approximately nine volunteers per distribution. They begin with a harmonization of the group by singing the Pranava (Om) and the Gayatri Mantra three times and then they request the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to conduct the service. They then begin their tasks with one part of the group participating in the making of the meals and packaging for distribution and the other part who also participate in the preparation, going for distribution on the streets. Two sandwiches made with mayonnaise, cheese and tomatoes on a French roll are distributed with packed peanut sweets and a bottle of water.

Before leaving for distribution, the youth do a closing ceremony because part of the group does not go out on the streets. They chant the Pranava and Shanti three times and offer a prayer of gratitude to the Divine Father. The distribution is made on the streets, squares and marquees in the downtown area where they meet the homeless population. Some already know the youth and greet them from a distance when they arrive.

At the end of the distribution the youth pray again, thanking God for the opportunity of being instruments in the service of Swami's Love!


Food Distribution Service by the Young Narayana Seva Group in Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil.

Since its inception in January 2019 until the last delivery held on November 9, 2019, the group of Narayana Seva volunteers in Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil distributed a total of 1,480 meals to people living in streets and in situations of social vulnerability.

The distribution is carried out on weekends with the direct and indirect contribution of about six volunteers.

Always, before leaving for distribution of the prepared lunch boxes through the streets of the Capital of Brazil, the group counts the meals and prays for the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba for the food and to all those who will receive the Prasadam. Brahmarpanam is chanted by all for the smooth conduct of the service.

The work has been visualised and seeks the involvement of more and more people to extend the service of love to others.


Food Distribution Service by the Young Narayana Seva Group in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil:

Since its inception in June 2019 until the last delivery held on December 08, 2019, the group of Narayana Seva volunteers, connected to the Sai Infinite Love Centre (Anantha Prema Sai) in Recife, Pernambuco, Northeastern Brazil, distributed a total of 4,398 meals. In November 2019, a total of 689 meals were delivered, while in October 2019, exceeding all expectations, it has reached a total of 1,275 meals delivered to people on the streets and those who are socially vulnerable.

The Narayana Seva preparation activities occur in the Sai Infinite Love Centre – a place for prayers and service to others founded in 2019 in Recife, Pernambuco, by devotees of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, from different religions. Distribution is carried out always on all weekends with the direct and indirect collaboration of about 13 volunteers, mostly young people. However, the group also encourages the participation of children and elderly people who assist in the distribution of juices and water during the activity.

Before they leave for distribution in the central region of Recife, after having prepared the lunch boxes that will be delivered, the group always counts the meals and prays for the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba for the food and for all those who will receive the Prasadam. Brahmarpanam is chanted by everyone and the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi is also chanted aiming at a smooth conduct of the service!

The distribution occurs in the Journal Square, a site known for transitory people on the streets. The food distribution, water and juice teams position themselves and the distribution starts. On average, about 200 to 250 meals are delivered every Sunday at noon by the group of Narayana Seva volunteers from Sai Infinite Love Centre (Anantha Prema Sai).

The work soon became known and it is anticipated by many who, living in miserable conditions in the streets, find in this Narayana Seva the opportunity to receive food, a smile, a hug and finally, receive love - love of Swami!

At the end of the delivery the youth form a circle, hold hands and do the Lord's Prayer, which is often accompanied by those who have just received the food.

Currently, the Narayana Seva of Sai Infinite Love Centre is the main part of the institution. Through this service a large group of people have been finding the love of Swami and a meaning in life through the practice of “Love all, Serve all"!

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