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Seva Activities by Youth in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

December 15, 2019 through January 15, 2020

As usual, the youth groups from Brazil have once again engaged in Narayana Seva as their main activity to serve Swami. Last month the Narayana Seva volunteer group completed its 30th distribution and within that 30-day period distributed 200 meals.

In the last weeks of December and the first week of January, it was not possible to hold distributions. The youth have started the weekend service again. They start with a harmonisation of the group by chanting Pranava (Om) and Gayatri three times and then request the blessings of Sathya Sai Baba to conduct the service. They then begin, with one part of the group participating in the preparation of meals and packaging for distribution and another part which is also present in the making, goes for distribution on the streets.

Two sandwiches with cheese, mayonnaise and tomato are made on a French roll, sweetest packed peanuts and a bottle of water are distributed.

Before leaving for distribution, the youth make a closing because part of the group does not go out to the streets. They chant the Pranava (Om) and Shanti three times and a prayer of thanksgiving to the Divine Father.

The distribution is made in the downtown streets, squares and marquees where the homeless population is found. Some already know one another and greet the youth from a distance when they arrive!

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