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Youth Group Seva Activities 
São Paulo

Between mid-November 2020 and mid-December 2020, the youth from Sao Paulo, Brazil kept doing the weekly Narayan Seva every Thursday. As it has been done since the beginning of the pandemic, one group cooked delicious vegetarian meals and took the parcels to a second group which distributed them in the central area of the city. This way, the vulnerable ones who needed to be more cautious about COVID-19 were safeguarded. With Swami’s Grace, the two groups managed to contribute 225 hot meals between November 19, 2020 and December 14, 2020.


As a new activity, on Saturdays, the youth group is undertaking a weekly donation of dry food, hygiene products such as toilet paper, razors, soap and dry pet food – their doggie friends must eat too!!  These items are taken to a Vegan NGO where meals are cooked every day, and on Sundays they have a Breakfast Programme in the Downtown Area where these donations are also distributed. So far, they have donated during the last two weeks and with God’s Blessings, hope to keep up with this task!


Donations of Dried Items and Fruitto NGO’s Supporting Food Programme


Helping With The Cooking


Narayana Seva - Meals Ready To Go


Donation of Fruits for the NGO

To be Distributed in Downtown Area

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