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Sai Youth Seva Activities in Rio De Janeiro

With the dawning of a brand new year, with much devotion and zeal to serve the society, the Sai youth gathered to serve food to the deprived and needy.


Around over 100 hot meals were served which included rice, beans, vegetables and soy with tomatoes along with sweet panettone and sauce as dessert, and a water bottle. Observing the current pandemic and required safety measures, hygiene kits were distributed which consisted of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, absorbents and disposable masks. Toys were also distributed to children.


Many volunteers worked on this at various stages right from planning, organising, executing and finally distributing. The daily feeding  activities in Rio are an outcome from the inspiration derived from ‘Feed the World’ programme initiatiated by Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai which says, ‘Let no one go to bed hungry!’


The distribution of vegetarian meals, clothes, shoes, hygiene kits, toys and blankets, is carried out to the homeless population in downtown Rio de Janeiro, and when inspiring and comforting stories are heard, it only fills the heart with much joy along with an added impetus to serve more.

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