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‘manava seva madhava seva: Service to humanity is to service to God’.

The rain god blessed all the volunteers by pouring out showers of blessing on the day of service to the fellow homeless brothers and sisters.

This was the third time in this year when all the youth of Rio De Janeiro came together to serve the needy people. 290 hot meals were distributed which included rice, beans, vegetables, French fries and soy meat with tomato sauce, accompanied with packaged sweets, apples and bottled water.

Hygiene kits were also provided which contained disposable masks, toothpaste, soap, toothbrush and hygiene items for women. Rubber sandals were also distributed.

The youth volunteers had arranged toys for children and some dog food for the stray dogs as a responsibility towards other living beings.

Many youths worked hard, came together and stood shoulder to shoulder to accomplish this noble cause.

All the volunteers assembled at Casa Sai Amor and initiated the seva with prayers and vedic chants, infusing Sai's Love in all the distribution kits. The kits provided not only food for physical nourishment but also nourishment for the soul.


Sri Sathya Sai Baba inspires and guides us all through Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai to: “Love All and Serve All”.

Our goal is to extend the scope of this project to other areas of the city with much more participation.

Volunteer participation is open to everyone!!!

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During the two months of February and March, the youth of São Paulo served 104 hot veggie meals consisting of rice, red and black beans and soy meat veggie curries to the underprivileged people.

A little more than 9 kgs of bananas were provided for distributions to the homeless people.

Due to Covid-19 hardships and lack of participants, we have joined hands with an NGO which serves vegan meals in the surroundings of downtown area. In this way, the youth were able to take forward the regular service activities without a break, which they were consistently carrying on for the past few years.

Mobilising youth volunteers was proving to be a challenge especially during this pandemic. Nevertheless, it also helped us recognize the fact that many people outside the Sai fraternity were also willing to participate in these service activities!

This made the impossible task, a possible one with great determination and dedication by youth to serve the unprivileged and bring smiles on hundreds of faces.

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