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From Brother Bobby Patel

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We have come to the end of our first year of the Love and Peace Newsletter!  Although we know that Swami is the doer of all things, He uses us as His instruments. Youth are the future, as Swami stresses, and so the service projects we all start now are the positive changes we will see for our children and our children’s children, for lifetimes to come.


As mentioned in the One Year Anniversary newsletter article, there is much more to do. This year Swami has stressed to the youth so many different ways to serve.  One of the major initiatives is ‘Sai Ashraya - Street to Stability’ to create a permanent solution to end homelessness in the world – starting with the homeless and disadvantaged youth.  Swami says "This must be a permanent solution,  temporary solution alone is not enough".  

A big effort for sure, but with all of us as His instruments, it can be done! So what is the effort needed in 2018 and beyond? We must go beyond just feeding, clothing and screening  – this is definitely needed, but is only a short-term solution.  The real need is for permanent solutions to create jobs, provide housing, education, training and physical and mental therapy programmes, medical and nutrition help – a complete ecosystem that takes a child in need straight from Street to Stability.  


Seems like an incredible expectation, yet extremely exciting, but with Swami by our side He has and will provide solutions for all the obstacles – faith and conviction in Him is the key. In one year with Swami’s Grace, other countries and regions have been able to start ‘Sai Ashraya - Street to Stability’ and have taken children off the street, who are on their way to stability. It is a great opportunity to unlock the undiscovered  talent that these children possess. 


The ‘Love and Peace newsletter’ provides inspiration to young and old around the world to take action and serve their community. Youth to date around the world have started inspirational radio stations, built vehicles to deliver nutrition and perform medical screening, serving the homeless with much needed food and clothing, helping elders in their time of need with love and warmth, and have created many outreach programmes for those who have been struck by disasters,  all being recorded and uploaded into One World One Sai. 


Youth have helped bring love and joy to children, the elderly, families and the downtrodden around the world!  Let us keep up this noble work with full force and energy of the youth and Swami.

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