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Service activities rendered in Alberta region of Canada for the month of February

In the month of February, the Canadian Youths of Alberta got together to discuss Swami’s expectations and directives to serve the local, nearby community. Downtown Edmonton was chosen as an ideal location due to extreme winter weather conditions. On a daily basis there is a line waiting outside the Edmonton drop in centre where the hungry and homeless friends are taken care of.


The youths decided to save their personal money in order to purchase items from Costco to be served in packets. The items included:

  • Zip lock bags

  • 63 fresh bananas

  • 63 packets of organic chocolate milk

  • 63 Fresh Italian baked bun (Ciabatta)

During food distribution the youths learned the importance of saving and utilising the abundance gifted by Bhagawan. The feeling of oneness was strongly felt while preparing and serving. The food packets were offered to Bhagawan before distribution.

Transformational Variables to focus and put in daily lives

  1. Ceiling on desires, avoiding coffee, soft drinks etc. and using the saved funds to purchase food items for the homeless.

  2. Learn to be more affectionate, caring and loving with the homeless who are victims of mental health issues and vulnerable surroundings.

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