Canadian Newsletter November Edition 2020

The youth of Canada offer their prayerful pranams to the Loving Lord. They pray to Bhagawan to grant them strength to continue His mission.


This November 2020 issue contains Seva updates from the provinces of Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec Canada.


The Prime Minister of Canada, Honourable Justin Trudeau, wished Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai Baba a Happy 95th Birthday.  

Ongoing Seva Activities in Toronto

in Collaboration With Other NGOs


Daily activity in Greater Toronto Area

Dinner is served Monday to Friday consisting of a sandwich, cookies and water

Weekend meals consist of lunch and dinner packs.


The youths continue to support the organisation via donations.

They provide hot and fresh vegetarian meals to those who need it in the Peel region.


The youth and the elders continue to buy a month’s worth of groceries.

The supplies consist of rice, lentils, pasta, pasta sauce, coffee powder, frozen vegetables and sugar, among other items.


The Toronto youth are participating in ceiling on desires and sending the saved amount to educate girls in Swami’s institutions.