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Edmonton, Alberta

Service Expansion

A very warm welcome to tenth newsletter from Canada. May Bhagawan continue to shower his grace, love, and choicest blessings to all in his divine mission.


With Bhagawan's grace, food packets were served as usual to needy friends on the streets of downtown Edmonton, Tent City Surrey and Vancouver BC. Expansion was done in gathering the youths of multi-faiths across the Edmonton Alberta area. These youths showed a great deal of enthusiasm and acknowledged Bhagawan’s divine mission.


Values based workshops were conducted, and the youths were given a strong awareness on Bhagawan's mission and service projects. These youths will be meeting on a regular monthly basis to further execute achievable projects.


The session ended with a prayer thanking Bhagawan for this opportunity and privilege to be part of his divine mission.

Edmonton youths who participated in the value based workshops.

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