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Canadian Newsletter November - December 2017

A very warm welcome to last newsletter from Canada for the year 2017. May Bhagawan continue to shower his grace, love, and choicest blessings to all in his divine mission.

The months of November and December were filled with joy and blessings as the youths of Canada were in the presence of the Divine for the World Youth Meet 2017, World Music Festival 2017 and Bhagawan’s 92nd Birthday celebrations at the Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli.

December began with a meeting with the mayor of the city of Edmonton, Mr. Don Iveson, on the streets of Edmonton. Discussions were done on sheltering the homeless on the streets, food distributions from a home-based commercial kitchen, and teaching soft skill education certification programmes namely:

  • Career and Employment Strategies

  • Student Success Strategies

  • Professional Skills

  • Business English and Communication Skills


The following educational programmes were presented to Bhagawan by an elder member in November 2017 under the chapter, “Institute of Human Development Canada”. Bhagawan instructed to have these courses registered immediately under the Alberta Ministry of Advanced Education. After the registration of these courses, the youths will be joining in to facilitate and conduct these workshops based courses with professional trainers and educators. The programmes will be run free of cost at “Sai Nivas”, a private residence that will be used for all youth meetings and workshops for our needy friends.


May Bhagawan bless us all in His Divine mission.

Meeting with the Mayor Don Iveson on the streets of Edmonton

Youths dressed up in the Canadian First Nations costume

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