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Alberta, Surrey, Vancouver BC

Service September 2017

A very warm welcome to our ninth newsletter from Canada. May Bhagawan continue to shower his grace, love, and choicest blessings to all of us in his divine mission.


Demonstrating the love for Swami, the youths from Alberta expanded its service by joining the youths and elders in Surrey and Vancouver, BC to serve food packets to the Tent City. The youths of Canada are determined to transform communities by overcoming poverty, homelessness, and addiction one life at a time. The youths found a need to serve the residents of Tent City, Surrey BC. The Tent Cities are spaces of survival for those hundreds of people who don't have access to housing or even basic shelter in the cities of Vancouver and Surrey. Efforts will be made to serve the residents on a regular basis by the expanded youth members for the two municipalities of the BC province.


The youths in BC and Alberta provinces has formulated an action plan:

  • How many children are homeless and where are they?

  • How have people come into the homeless-serving system?

  • What factors are contributing to homelessness?

  • Which strategies are most effective in assisting which type of homeless?

  • How can resources be most efficiently allocated?


When a homeless individual or family is re-housed, client-centred supports are made readily available for them. These support systems provide the individual or family with the opportunity to secure the means to maintain their housing and restore their stability. This helps prevent them from falling back into homelessness.


Ending homelessness certainly won’t be easy, but it can be done with Bhagawan’s love and grace. It will take a strong commitment, and a shared vision on the part of governments, communities and citizens. The youths certainly feel Bhagawan’s love in the act of serving. The youths of Canada continue to pray and offer themselves as servants of Bhagawan in whatever act of service they undertake. The youths would like to thank Bhagawan for giving them an opportunity to serve him in his divine mission.

Tent City, Surrey BC

Creating awareness on Bhagawan’s mission of selfless love and selfless service.

Edmonton Youths attending a session in Education in Human Values.

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