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Canadian Newsletter July Edition 2019

The youth offer their prayerful Pranams to their loving Lord.  With the Grace of Bhagawan, the Alberta youths continued to serve food packets consisting of:


  • Bananas

  • Fruit Juice Boxes

  • Ciabatta Buns

  • Granola Bars

Youths of other provinces of Canada are actively involved in pursuing Seva activities for the needy.

They are so grateful to Swami for giving them this opportunity to serve.


The youths from Toronto have come together to teach Vedas to a small group of ladies every Friday night from 8:45 pm to 9:30 pm.


This is a group of ladies from different faiths who are learning the Rudram. Despite not knowing a word of Sanskrit or having any chanting experience, they have learnt the first three Anuvakas of the Namakam and can chant it very eloquently! 


The Toronto youths are also actively involved in giving food assistance and doing friendly visiting at Providence Healthcare, a facility for seniors with advanced dementia.

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