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Seva in March 2020

The youth offer their prayerful Pranams to their Loving Lord and greet all the readers around the world with Sai Ram!

During these difficult times of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the youth pray to their Loving Lord to grant them the strength to be fearless and courageous to overcome this period of crisis.

Bhagawan has asked everyone to “Pray sincerely; whoever it might be, whether they did right or wrong, it is immaterial. They are suffering today. We must pray for their welfare. That should be our attitude.”

The Youths of Alberta and Ontario continued their normal Seva activities with Bhagawan’s blessings.

The youth pray that their brothers and sisters in other countries are safe and strong.

Ontario Seva 

The food packets distributed consisted of Oatmeal Cookies, Chocolate Bars, Hot Chocolate Mix and a Disposable Coffee Cup.

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Alberta Seva

The Youths of Alberta  distributed food packets consisting of Juice Boxes, Granola Bars, Ciabatta Buns and Fresh Bananas.

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