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British Columbia 

The Sai youth from British Columbia prepared homemade meals and served the homeless at City Parkway in the Whalley district of Surrey, British Columbia. A total of 100 food packs were served to the homeless. Each pack consisted of spaghetti, garlic bread, Caesar salad and tomato salsa.



The temperature at Edmonton had risen up to 30°C and drinking water was a huge necessity, especially to the homeless. The Alberta Sai youth joined their hands with the Boyle Street, an organisation providing community services with a motto to end chronic homelessness in Edmonton, to provide clean drinking water to the homeless individuals in the suburbs of Edmonton. Around 100 water bottles were distributed to the homeless individuals.

In addition, over 50 packets of snacks were also served to the homeless.



Fighting the on-going and current situations, the Sai youth from Ontario volunteered at a local soup kitchen and supplied them with a month’s ration which included rice, lentils, oil, salt, coffee, tea, frozen vegetables etc. This kitchen serves around 100 meals on a daily basis to the homeless in Ontario

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