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After two and a half years of hiatus from almost all the sevā activities or even human interaction, the Toronto youth resumed langar sevā (a communal free kitchen) with the Sikh Seva Society of Toronto. 


While the sevā is carried out daily in the cities of Brampton and Mississauga, the Sai youth take part every Sunday where individuals from any caste, creed, or religion can participate by picking up a set number of food packets and delivering it to people who have requested. The vegetarian food packets consist usually of rice, curry, sweet dish, protein bar, fruit, and juice box.

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The Sai youth are very grateful to have resumed this because the act of simply picking up food packets and delivering them to needy households without knowing who is making the food or receiving the food is a good reminder to us that when we serve, it should be unconditional and without judgment. It also serves as a reminder not to get carried away or attached to outward possessions because they can all be taken away instantly. Instead, if we have been blessed with resources, we should use them to help others.

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