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Canadian Newsletter August 2017

A very warm welcome to eighth newsletter from Canada. May Bhagawan continue to shower his grace, love, and choicest blessings to all in his divine mission.

The youths of Alberta, Canada would like to thank Swami once again for giving the opportunity to serve needy friends and elderly on the streets of Edmonton. This rare opportunity given by divine Lord himself, is indeed a blessing. As always, we are reminded of the true nature as humans is to transform and realise their innate being.

When serving fruit juices in the hot temperatures to needy friends, the youth see a radiant and pure loving smile which truly is the smile of dear Lord Sai. When the team see hands stretched out to receive a banana or a bun, it gives a strong sense of the abundance that the youth all live in.

Thanks to Bhagawan, it makes them understand and realise who they truly are, despite being in this materialistic world. Thank you for reminding them to be humble, loving and caring. Bhagawan, please blessed the Canadian youth with love and grace so that all stay united and expand the mission of selfless love and service to all provinces and territories of Canada.

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