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Canadian Service Update -  2019

The youth of Canada offer their most prayerful pranams at the divine lotus feet of their beloved Swami and express their heartfelt gratitude to Him for all the Seva opportunities He has provided for them!


The youths from Alberta and the Greater Toronto Area have been participating in weekly Seva activities which have involved visiting seniors with advanced dementia, at Providence Healthcare and helping them have their meals and spending time with them. After Swami's divine visit to Toronto, the youth joined together and formed the Canadian Sai Youth Group.


With Swami’s grace, what started in August 2018 as a monthly activity of making eighteen food kits consisting of a hummus sandwich, juice box, protein bars and fruit has now become a weekly activity of twenty food kits consisting of sandwiches or vegetarian burgers, chocolates, fruit bars and coffee cups and coffee mix so their homeless brothers and sisters do not have to beg for money to buy food in the cold winter months. Many of them have physical disabilities, mental health issues, addiction problems and anger issues because of either unemployment, abusive families and so on. Spending time with them and sharing Swami’s love through food, which was enjoyable and nutritious, gave everybody a sense of peace and oneness. During this Seva, they also came across other organisations such as the Sikh Sewa Society of Toronto which serves meals for humanity and distributes hot and fresh food to the homeless every month. The local police also helped out by managing the traffic in the areas where Seva activities were ongoing. A similar activity takes places in the Taibu Community Health Centre where one of the youths goes on a weekly basis to help with serving food to students and the elderly.


Canada has also been blessed by Swami to start the Institute of Human Development, Canada. This is a free service in which the youth provide workshops in Student Success Strategies, Career and Employment Strategies and Value-Based Education. They are fortunate to have an opportunity to serve His students without having any compensation. This teaches all of them to be more selfless and to always live within the means.


The youth thank Swami for giving them the inspiration to do His work and to serve their own country men and women. They promise to continue the work and to carry out His mission in Canada!

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