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March 3 and 4, 2018

Centre for Human Development (CHD)

In 2016, Swami commanded that Northern California acquire a piece of land for use as the Centre for Human Development. He gave specific guidance about the location of the land, the slopes, being near to a body of water, the property size and other details. After overcoming a number of challenges, the property was located and purchased in 2017.

Situated on 24 scenic acres overlooking the Guadalupe River and dam in the Los Gatos hills, the Centre for Human Development is dedicated to the concept of oneness and openness to all, for programmes that are helpful to society and that have a noble social or spiritual basis or goal. Its objective is to help people develop a sense of humanness through kindness, compassion, empathy, love, service, and sacrifice.

The Centre for Human Development is unique in that its facilities will be offered to the public for use at no cost, for programs that are helpful to society and that have a noble social or spiritual basis or goal. General members of society, corporate programmes such as corporate social responsibility, training programmes, and leadership programmes – all will be welcome, free of charge to California and out-of-state residents alike.

The Centre is expected to offer both one-time and ongoing programmes, including those fostering service by individuals, groups or businesses, teaching, values training, parenting, community and cultural development such as art, dance, music, and history. Groups or individuals desiring to use the facilities will be allowed to provide their own programmes and attendee lists. There will be a no smoking and no alcohol allowed at the facility and only vegetarian food is permitted on the premises.

CHD facilities will include a dining area, professional kitchen and conference hall that can be sectioned off or opened up to accommodate 300 or more people, with ample parking. A subsequent phase of development includes plantings of fruit trees and gardens of flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

A dedication ceremony for the land and Centre took place on June 19, 2017. Construction on the main building has not yet begun, but an inauguration and public meeting may be held on the land on June 24, 2018. Initially it will be open for daytime use only. Overnight accommodations for guests will be developed within three to four years to allow for brief stays, for two- to three-day retreats.

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