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Region 4

2018 OWOS Conference Special Issue

March 3 and 4, 2018

Conference Day Two: March 4, 2018



The concept of OWOS for the corporate world was introduced under the name of VIEAA – an adaptation of the Latin word for road or pathway.


An enterprise software targeting Corporate Social Responsibility and empowering employees to create a self-evolving system across multiple verticals.

The objective of this presentation was to share the concept of VIEAA, the engine behind One World One Sai system and the potential for this software in the “Corporate Social Responsibility” world. The audience consisted of corporate leaders and employees across multiple industries and varied backgrounds. There were those knowledgeable about Corporate Social Responsibility and others who were hearing the term for the first time.

To cater to the wide range of audience, the team enabled a self-inquiry process by showing pictures of local, regional, national and international disasters and posing questions. The objective was to facilitate a self-inquiry/discovery process. Through that lens, the team would then explore characteristics of a potential, ideal solution.

Following this, VIEAA was introduced with the notion that the features of the system fit well within the characteristics of this ideal solution to tackle real world problems. Some of the features that were highlighted for the audience were skill set based volunteering, ability to measure impact to the last mile, VIEAA as a social platform to engage the stakeholders and its strong capabilities to integrate with other systems/processes.

Having covered the above, the team presented the benefits that the corporates would derive out of using the VIEAA system.

Some of the key benefits included the ability to build a sustainable social impact strategy by leveraging the like-mindedness of employees. The platform would allow for the corporations to fully customise their employee engagement, brand awareness, thereby cultivating a self-evolving framework.

In summary, the proposal was to build corporate social responsibility by inspiring and spreading the idea of personal social responsibility amongst the employees.

The session ended with many insightful questions from industry leaders, leading to some fruitful discussions. One particular topic that got the industry leaders excited was the application of this platform towards building a new framework for collaborating across corporations, valuing and gathering data on service “transactions” thereby multiplying impact and brand value.  The roadmap of this model was greatly discussed as many industry experts weighed in their opinion enthusiastically.

After the One World One Sai conference, everyone seemed very energised. Different teams were formed, existing teams solidified, and new, more frequent discussions are taking place. For this and more, everyone is ever grateful to their mentor and spiritual guide, Sathya Sai Baba.

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