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Issue 4, January 22, R4

                                                 CENTER OF EXCELLENCE                                       

At Swami’s request and with His blessings, the Chihuahua Mexico group is currently working towards establishing a Center for Human Excellence in the city of Chihuahua.  

The idea for this center originated eighteen years ago.  At that time we began giving teacher workshops in Human Values as well a Diploma Course. At the request of the teachers we wrote textbooks for each grade.  The state of Chihuahua had 120 schools and community centers that adopted the Sathya Sai Baba Human Values Program. Most of the schools were public schools. A short time later, in 1991, Swami allowed us to open a Sathya Sai Preschool and Grade School  in our city.  

Now, the concept of a Center for Human Excellence began to take form in the hearts of the Chihuahua devotees after seeing the center in Raipur in November 2016.  We had been granted six acres of land by the state government for our school, and since we were no longer administrating the school, we decided to offer this land to Swami to build a Center for Human Excellence. With Swami´s blessing, we are now working on the action plan for the building of the Center.

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