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Issue 4/ January 22nd/ R4

For the preparation of the Public Meeting in Buenos Aires during the visit of Sai to Argentina, a large group of devotees (more than 50) participated covering the different aspects necessary.

One of the tasks was to prepare the prasadam for the attendees. Among some items selected as souvenirs, one devotee had a “divine inspiration" and suggested handcrafted chocolates with the human values stamped on them. The other comrades joined that undertaking. They looked for industrial options, but they were not possible. They explored with different types of chocolates. None of them had experience in baking or something similar but just tried different types of recipes with multiple ingredients. They designed with laser the prototypes and models of stamps with the human values. After several weeks of trial and error, they arrived at the final model. Then, they had to cook and prepare it. Several devotees in different cuisines of the city gathered to prepare these prasadam. When Swami arrived in Argentina, this group of devotees had prepared over 900 handmade 50-gram chocolates, some of them filled with almonds, others with almonds and peanuts and raisins. 























Swami always gives us the opportunity to serve and, in that way, fills our hearts with joy  and allows us to make others happy. His presence gives life to our hearts and rejuvenates us.

Walking along the spiritual path, we must learn to leave our ego aside and let our pure and luminous being flourish. To bring out our brightest being, we often must realize the best we can do, and that we did not know we had that capabilities for that. 

When we say we have God within us, it is a great joy to discover all the potential  we can develop. This was one of the most important lessons learned from the service group that prepared the souvenirs during Swami's visit to Argentina.

When Swami, with His infinite tenderness and love, was blessing the prasadam, he said with a smile: "Do you think that by eating human values,  you will practice them?".

The group, and all those who were there, became aware of the importance of the internal work we should do to translate the human values into our lives. After this experience, many of the devotees, who participated in this task, are very happy preparing educational materials to deliver in Sai schools during our visit for Mahashivaratri festival.


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