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Issue 4, January 22, R4























Why do we go to Muddenahalli ? Why do we go to Puttaparthi ? Why do we go to Shirdi or Ayodhya or Mecca or Vatican or any holy place? If Bhagawan is everywhere what do we gain by going to a particular holy place? Why does our heart yearn to go to a spiritual place when God is actually omnipresent? One of the devotees recently asked Bhagawan’s permission to go to Kailash. Bhagawan asked him “why do you want to go there, what is in Kailash”. Devotee in all sincerity understanding what Bhagawan is referring to responded “Bhagawan, it is true that God is everywhere but when we go to these places, our mind is under control, the vagaries and miseries of mind are culled and there is great peace and calmness within”. Bhagawan instantly responded, “Be in Satsang always, keep saying "Sairam" that sadhana is enough”. 

The devotee then asked Bhagawan “Swami, then please teach me meditation so I don’t run behind Kailash or any faraway place for wanting of peace”. A common problem that everyone has is to know how to entertain that peace and serenity in our daily lives. We cannot go to Kailash or Muddenahalli or Puttaparthi all the time. Everyone in the interview room was waiting, holding their breath for an answer from Bhagawan. Swami lovingly answered, “that is why I say be in Satsang, be in Satsang”. Bhagawan suddenly raised his hands and held his fingers in chin mudra (a pose to do meditation) and said “Don’t do this meditation” and he moved his hand as if he’s serving food and said “keep doing this meditation”. A p

profound answer indeed, his entire life he has been saying the same thing, Love and Serve, yet we keep getting confused, our laziness overpowers our wisdom and we lose the connection with God’s teachings. 


Bhagawan also said “Bangaroo, God never lets go of his devotees, it is the devotees that forget God.” And, why does the devotee forget God? When we do not strive to be part of Satsang we fail to hold on to God and get caught up in the worldly activities that lead us to miseries. We don’t need to run behind places of spirituality to gain peace or to cleanse our minds from the afflictions of past tendencies. Swami graciously provided us with Satsang and Seva, so we can keep on relishing the same kind of joy and peace wherever we are and whenever we want.


Swami commanded us, the youth of United States of America, during the first Youth conference(June, 2016) to come together every month in Satsang. He even told us how to meet and what is the protocol for the meeting. That is the supreme love of the Lord; not only did he instruct us but he’s been constantly guiding us on every small detail. It is to support this message of the Lord we come together every month as Youths, to be in Satsang, to discuss about Swami’s mission and his various leelas. Don’t we genuinely believe that, to be part of Swami’s mission is why the vast majority of us have taken birth in this unique time. If knowing Sathya Sai avatar itself is a rare chance graced upon by Bhagawan, imagine what an opportunity it is to know and serve the Lord in his subtle form.

Dear brothers and sisters, please read these next sentences carefully.

Not by human effort, not by our forefathers penances, nor by any amount of sacrifice over several births did we come to know of Bhagawan’s mission in his subtle form. It is purely his grace and blessing which we should not take lightly. Our limited human tendency is to forget, as other priorities take over our time and thoughts. After all haven’t we been coming to earth for several births and doing the same thing over and over again. How are we going to break this cycle? We just have to put Bhagawan’s advice into action. 

When Bhagawan visits us in June, 2017 for the second United States of America youth conference we should proudly announce to him our progress in Satsang, in Sadhana and in Seva. United we can rise, United we can serve more, United we can bring a change to this world. That is the motto of One World One Sai project as well, Swami’s pet project given to us, the youth of United States of America to unite the whole word in love and service.

The person who has been benefited most by all these activities are the volunteers. All these experiences have made us realize how fortunate we are. We pray to Bhagawan to utilize us as instruments to spread love and reduce the sufferings of these people. 

                                               ONE WORLD ONE SAI                                      

Bhagawan graciously launched the portal and guided the youth and mentor Bobby Patel on what the next steps should be. During the YA meet earlier this month, we discussed all the miracles that happened and all of Swami’s outpouring of love to every one of us. To facilitate planning for all the youths of United States of America, all youth meets will be held on the first Saturday of every month at 10.30AM PST. 


We plan to discuss more about Swami’s trip in June and other guidance that Swami has given to us. Let us resolve to stay united, to stay connected, to grow from I to WE to HE. With Swami guiding us, not only will we reach the destination but we will pave the way for more generations to reach HIM.


Jai Sairam !!!

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