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Personal Transformation Experience
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Do Anything Good and God Will Support You

I was introduced to the concept of breakfast Seva when I was taking part in the National Youth Meet 2015.

And later on, I got to know that breakfast Seva is happening at the location where I was residing, and some inner urge pushed me towards this Seva so, I started taking part in the Whitefield breakfast Seva daily. Later, on my way to my college, I found a government school and with 2 permission, we began breakfast Seva at Marathahalli in November 2015.  As of then I was still studying in grade 11. There were quite a few challenges through which Bhagawan had me learn so many things and made me a better instrument.

When I wanted to start this Seva at Marathahallli, there were many obstacles. It was only my college friends and I who started serving breakfast back then. We missed two hours of college every day that we participated in this Seva. And, we had managed to do this till the end of my grade 11. As we were entering grade 12 a few of my friends started backing out from this activity and I was pressured by my college authorities, but Swami intervened here. He started sending many people who were supportive in all manners and I finally started attending classes.

You Do My Work and I’ll Do Yours

Only a little later did I realise that everything is His work I joined Annapoorna Seva only with the intention of pleasing Swami and this same intention was what helped me serve these children. Later on, I started studying to please Swami. This meant I needed to start loving my studies/subjects and my grades naturally would get better. Thus, I passed my 12th not just with distinction, but with honours. When I was taking part in this Seva, I understood over time that it was only my presence that was needed and Bhagawan would use me as his instrument. I say this because I have seen this happen in my own life…who would trust an 11th grade student and let breakfast be served to these children? But school authorities did permit us to do this Seva.

And, how can a student manage sponsorship of the breakfast, if not for divine intervention? From that instant I understood that it was only my presence that was needed from my side and Bhagawan would make us capable of any feat. As said by Bhagawan, love all serve all. I tried to treat all these kids the same way I treat my younger brother or sister and the love/joy that was reciprocated gave me immense self-satisfaction and joy. Later on, I tried to treat everyone else as my brother or as sister, and life has been a lot easier since then.

R. Sai Ganesh

Region 2


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