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Youth Activities in Trincomalee


Vaharai ; a small village located in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka in the Trincomalee District is an area  that was highly affected by the war that ravaged our Motherland for around thirty years. To this day, there are still many who lack in areas that we consider to be the very basic facilities. Although the war has destroyed much infrastructure and tangible resources, it was unable to weaken the spirit and resolve of the youth as they now tirelessly endeavour to rebuild the lives of those around them.

The following are some of the Seva activities they undertook in this regard:

1)Workshop to spread awareness on environmental conservation and tree planting campaign:

Vaharai is endowed with immense natural beauty which should be treasured and conserved by the combined efforts of all those within the community. Understanding the importance of addressing environmental problems, the youth of Vaharai conducted an awareness programme through which a wide variety of important topics including the proper identification of endangered animals, the differences between dangerous and harmless species, ensuring animal and human safety, degradation of forests, effects of urbanization, proper waste disposal were discussed.

Following the awareness programme, to put words into action a tree planting programme was organized alongside Swami’s birthday celebrations.

The students of the school together with their teachers and the elders of the community participated, showcasing the importance of unity and co-operation of both generations during Seva.

2)Lending a helping hand to strengthen the education of the youth:

Financial constraints have caused many students to drop out of school and seek jobs, thereby jeopardizing their future. One such young gentleman was given assistance to resume his studies by the Sai youth of the area. This act not only made a significant change in the student’s life but also encouraged the community to understand the importance of education and their role in ensuring that their children receive a complete and wholesome school life.

The Sai youth also managed to put a smile on the faces of students who are hoping to sit for the Ordinary Level Examination by providing free tuition to better their chances facing the competition provided by their contemporaries from Colombo and other parts of the island. These tuition programmes are conducted weekly by eager and enthusiastic young graduates.

For a tree to grow up well and healthy, their roots must be nourished and protected. Similarly for one to become a fully competent personality a good education is essential from the early days of childhood. In keeping with this concept of a strong foundation, young teachers qualified in Montessori education run a pre-school free of charge, providing much needed support to their village in tackling the financial challenges of education.

3) Blood donation and cancer awareness programmes:

An aura of positivity was spread throughout the hall as the youth of Trincomalee discussed cancer as a curable disease when diagnosed and treated in a proper and timely manner. They emphasised the importance of early detection and directed people for free regular consultations and screenings to General Hospitals.

Annual blood donation camps are conducted by the Youth of Vaharai highlighting that no matter the race, caste, creed or religion, the same blood runs through all our veins. The turnout of young men and women has increased significantly this year as a result of the many awareness programmes which were conducted and Swami’s love and compassion seemed to emanate from each and every selfless soul present.


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