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Youth Activities in Colombo

Spreading Love and Happiness at the Elder’s Home


A group of Sai youth in Colombo with love in their hearts, food in their hands and compassionate thoughts in their head visited an elders’ home in Borella, Colombo 08. Twenty one elderly gentlemen reside in this home as their families are unable to look after them due to various personal problems. When they enquired as to why we decided to organize this event they were surprised to know that there was no specific reason other than to “Love and Serve”, just as our beloved Swami has always taught us.

After distributing the prepared food which comprised of sandwiches, rolls, cutlets, patties, cupcakes, banana and tea, our hearts were further moved by the heartfelt words spoken by one gentleman, who sincerely expressed his gratitude and joy by a stream of seemingly ceaseless praise and blessings, which taught us the unforgettable lesson that even a small, simple action of love can touch a heart deeply, and leave a lasting impression.

To make the event more enjoyable for these seniors we arranged a ‘Calypso’ band from the Commando Regiment of the Sri Lankan Army which became the highlight of the evening as two of the gentlemen seemed to forget their worries and even their injured feet as they stood up to dance whilst the others looked on, clapping and cheering with bright smiles on their faces.

Swami, we most definitely felt your Divine presence there, as our own hearts filled with joy whilst watching the elders enjoy themselves and we truly experienced the bliss that Seva can bring. Thank you Bhagawan for the opportunity and the strength to do this Seva, and we pray for many more transformative opportunities in the future.


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