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Bhajan Group in Zagreb, Croatia

From January 2019, a number of Sai youth in Zagreb, Croatia, have begun gathering around the most joyful of activities - Bhajans. Meeting every other Sunday evening, they have quickly formed a cheerful group of young music enthusiasts. In each meeting, under the watchful eyes (and ears) of two instructors who are well versed in matters of music, they practice to sing Bhajans and learn how to play various instruments to accompany their voices. Apart from the musical experience, their meetings always have a gastronomical component to them too; thanks to their wonderful singing instructor who always brings some kind of delicious, home-made Prasadam (pizza, no less!) to fill their bellies and lift their spirits even higher!


Despite most of the youth being almost amateurs when it comes to singing or playing instruments; thanks to Swami's grace and guidance in their dedicated practice, they were blessed by being allowed to participate in the programme for Swami's birthday in November 2019 with some of the Bhajans that they had learned. Swami and the rest of the musical establishment of Croatian devotees were apparently, very pleased with their performance. The youth are now practicing to take part in the musical programme for the Divine Satsang in Zagreb in March 2020! What else can they say, except that indeed – “Sai Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanti Nahin”!

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