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Spiritual and Service Activities in Croatia

At Swami's future Croatian Ashram, Krnjak, young people are initiating various spiritual activities. For the past two years, they have chanted Ekadashini Rudram and 1,008 Gayatri Mantras twice a month.

In the “House of Unity”, where various miracles and the manifestation of Swami’s vibhuti in paintings and statues of deities take place, creative workshops on human values through art and mindfulness have begun.   

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In October, young people who participated in an acting troupe from 1998 to 2007 called the Sai Theatre, also gathered there. This troupe presented the Ramayana through three different plays in Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro. The highlight was their performance in India in 2007. The young actors, now young parents, evoked memories of the Ramayana by reading the text, after which they sang Bhajans.  

The youth are especially pleased to have established good relations with the local school as well. At the Krnjak Elementary School, two professors of philosophy, held a lecture for all teachers at the beginning of the school year in September. The teachers wanted to continue with the workshops for them and their students in mindfulness and communication skills.

Finally, it should be mentioned that a young professor of philosophy who follows Swami’s teachings, has been intensely involved in educating children in their free time and has been living in Krnjak for six months. These students with bad behaviour and bad grades have become students of exemplary behaviour and excellent grades!

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