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Seva in Croatia

As of January 2019, once a month, the youth in Croatia organise a sadhana programme in the House of Unity, Krnjak by chanting Ekadasini Rudram and Gayatri Mantra, and singing . In March 2019, they inaugurated additional monthly workshops on various spiritual subjects in collaboration with other spiritual organisations in Croatia such as Art of Living and Yoga in Daily Life.


In Zagreb, the youth are teaching other youth how to sing and play instruments. Very often, they lead Satsang for elders. All book promotions from Uvacha series were organised and promoted by the youth as well. Also, they are the first in learning and leading others in how to chant the Vedas.


Twice weekly, on an individual basis, the youth visit Homes for elderly people and the Special Hospital for chronic pediatric diseases, 'Bistra'. During May, the Sai youth from Croatia repeated the great humanitarian action called the 'Hills of Love'. Along with a volunteer from social services, several youth, in four cars, went on a tour to visit the houses of lonely, old and often very sick people who are living in the hills of Krnjak area, where Swami’s will be located in the future!

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