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Baba’s Grace

By the Grace of Baba, the youth are fortunate to get the opportunity of doing Seva; and here is the summary of the activities done by the youth for the past six months:


  • In collaboration with 'Are You Syrious' Society, the youth were taking care of three refugee children who had problems with eyesight by taking them regularly to the specialist for eye examinations.

  • Two children were given glasses and the youth continue taking them for checkups every few months.

  • Weekly visits to Hotel Porin where all the refugee children are situated. One of the children, eight year old Marjam is among those who attend the school under the programme ‘Helping to Study’. She not only completed successfully her school year but also received a recommendation!

  • In collaboration with a Sai sister from the group ‘Together in Love’, the youth were collecting and also buying shoes and distributing to the homeless people. One of the factories in east Croatia kindly helped them and also extended their support during winter as well. There are also other volunteers who support this activity.

  • Weekly visits to the Special Hospital for chronic paediatric diseases in Bistra continues with a personal impression of the progress of an autistic child in terms of his response to the volunteer and their communication.

  • Two weekly visits to the Home for the elderly. The group is proud of the progress made in one of the wards in the department of Alzheimer and Dementia, in terms of memory improvement. With constant engagement with the patients, the volunteers were surprised and happy by the patients’ recollection of the names of volunteers and memories of their visits!

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