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Reflections on the Seva with Chronically Ill Children

The special hospital for chronic paediatric diseases (dealing with chronic mental and physical congenital malformities) is a place for serving where youth have been experiencing such strong and deep self-reflections.

With so much reconsidering and inner re-examination and where, at some moments, the deepest fears come out to the surface – just to make them fearless!


It is a different world where children are not to be watched, understood and assessed as if they live in a ‘normal’ world where people look at each other and make some conclusions based on physical characteristics or behaviour. Here youth try to find and see a different reality behind, deeper than the boundaries of the body in which all those souls are trapped. There is no other institution youth serve in, where youth are constantly uttering Swami's name – it is always present in their mind and on the lips - whether they need the help to accept and embrace all that they see and do or to just give thanks for the opportunity He has given for personal upliftment. Heart to heart communication on every Seva is the righteous way, but here the mostly and only possible way. When an individual can fully understand and apply that, then he/she is free from all the prejudices and fears that may appear.

And then this hospital becomes a joyful and happy place full of children who are grateful for every minute the youth have given them, and they give back in return the opportunity to develop and expand the youth's sense of gratitude and humility. The youth's appreciation goes as well to the hospital staff and all of the other volunteers who are taking care of them day and night. Thank You Sai!

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