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Divine Guidance from Swami on January 27, 2017

(about Annapoorna Breakfast Program)

Breakfast Seva is only a means to transform individuals by doing service.

Love is like a magnet, one magnet can make so many magnets. Likewise one person can transform the whole society. Basically all are good, every person has divine magnetism inside, but they are not oriented and they are in all directions and become piece of iron and get rusted, but the moment when they get the touch of a magnet the alignment happens. Similarly Divinity is present in all beings – just that the right alignment needs to be present and this comes only by being with Good Company. Good Company is God’s Company.

All are good, every person has divine magnetism inside and divinity flows in every human being. First Individual transformation, then family transformation to national transformation.  If we more people, expansion of love happens and not contraction of love. Transformation needs to happen from individual to Family then to society, nation and world. 

Goodness is there inside everyone. So if you grow that goodness it connects and grows all the time. In a Garden there is earth, we can grow flowers and grass also grows. It is all about what we sow. If you pull out all the grass and plant seeds and flowers come out then it becomes a garden else only grass grows and then it becomes forest.

You be an example and inspiration, by being in your company others will learn. Go to colleges, go to school youth forums and train them to follow the path of good conduct. Also mere talking like parrot will not help, instead show it by example by doing yourself service activities. Unity of thought, word and deed is required 

Whose sake are you doing all this Seva activities, it is for your own satisfaction. Whom do you eat for, you eat for your own hunger same way, I am Atma, if you satisfy yourself that am also satisfied and happy. You should feel happiness inside you and then God is happy.

Annapoorna is good and has to grow -  you need to create volunteers from locally residents and villages, Local youth, teachers, volunteers, should be created. We don’t have to take volunteers from Bangalore to long distant places for conducting Seva activities like breakfast Seva. Local youth, teachers and volunteers, need to be created. Within three weeks of our volunteerism we need to create a set up a breakfast Seva center and move on to next school. Looking at you many people will change and continue the Seva.

1st week you go to set it up, 2nd week teachers should get involved and by the, 3rd week you should hand it over creating enough strength. Once you start Breakfast Seva, they will not stop as the guilt in them will not allow them to stop, as they will feel everyday if the child had taken the breakfast before they consume food.  This is a Small Vahini and will get flowing will grow and grow and become a river and then an ocean. Light the fire, at least start the Seva once a week so that children will get some nutrition, gather slowly the friends in your apartment and friends circles and make them participate in this Seva. Then slowly continue the Seva for 3 days in a week and gradually do this Seva for the complete week on all school working days.

If you are making one dosa for yourself -  can you think of making 10 dosas or any other breakfast items which can be served to the children who are deprived of the same or I am making this much upma can I make little more so that another few children can have. This is how you have lit the fire and it will keep burning.  BUT more importantly you personally need to serve these children, and not send it through someone, because transformation will happen only if you stand there and serve them. Gather few more like minded volunteers and do it, that’s how it begins that is how you have to develop.  From 150 it should grow to 10 times 1500 by this year and inspire many people.

Mine is not food revolution mine is people evolution, we are transforming people by breakfast. Serving breakfast is the first step – later on we can bring transformation in these children. This transformation happens not only in the child but also the person who is doing Seva

Ours is transformation one by one by one, as we light a lamp in all the hearts and goes on as individual becomes divine, society will become divine and nation will become divine and so on.

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