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Dilkusha Medical Camp Fiji

September 02, 2017

Under the recently launched Divine Mother and Child Health Programme, Youth and members of Sai Prema Foundation Fiji conducted a medical camp for the children of Dilkusha Home (Orphanage) in Nausori on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

The group of youth volunteers who participated in this medical camp were mostly in-house members of the Foundation, along with other medical volunteers from the Ministry of Health. The medical team consisted of a couple of general practitioners, a dentist, a dietician and a pharmacist.


All 41 kids at the Dilkusha Home were firstly assessed by the doctors. Their height and weight were recorded, and a general check-up was done. Since the last medical camp that was held in Dilkusha Home earlier this year, it was noted that there was an overall improvement in the children’s health and well-being. Skin conditions such as fungal infections, school sores and scabies were commonly noted in these kids.


Next, the children were seen by the dentist and her team of volunteers. A few of them had their teeth extracted and also had fillings done. The dental team noticed that lots of these kids had cavities due to poor dental hygiene. Towards the end of the camp, the dentist had a briefing session with the children where she talked about the importance of brushing their teeth and the correct way to do it. Also, proper advice was given not to consume lots of sweets and soda’s which lead to cavities and tooth decay.


A dietician was present in the camp as well. She gave advice on diet and healthy lifestyle measures to the children and their caregivers.


All medicines prescribed by the doctors and the dentist were dispensed to the children free of charge by the pharmacist on site. The caregivers were instructed on how and when to administer the medicines to the children. Most of the children also received de-worming tablets as stomach worms are quite common in developing countries.


Apart from the medical service, a few ladies of the Foundation lovingly prepared and served morning tea to the lovely children of the orphanage.


At the end of this fulfilling medical camp, the children and their caregivers showed their appreciation to the team of volunteers by singing songs of gratitude. Throughout the camp, it was very touching to see the special bond between the kids and also their caregivers. Older children looked out for the younger ones. All of them had so much positivity in them and this was reflected onto the volunteering team as well.


Thereafter, photos were taken with the kids and certificates of appreciation were handed out to the volunteers.


Moving forward and with Divine Guidance, the Divine Mother and Child Health programme will continue as part of our Health on Wheels medical camp project and especially with the aim to serve the underprivileged citizens of Fiji.

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