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Gospel Hostel And Valelevu HART

Nursing Home Medical Camp

With Swami’s grace, the volunteers and members of Sai Prema Foundation Fiji had a wonderful opportunity to serve people in two places on the very same day. The first was the Gospel Hostel for Deaf children, and the second one was Valelevu HART nursing home which houses mainly elderly people who are not able to fend for themselves.


On that morning, the group of volunteers met up at the Gospel Hostel for Deaf and after a quick debrief session, they divided themselves amongst the hostel for deaf children and the Valelevu HART nursing home.

At the Gospel Hostel for Deaf, 31 children were seen by two doctors, a nurse, two medical students and a dietician. The two doctors, assisted by the nurse and medical students, gave all the children general check-ups. Most of the children seen were in reasonable health, except for some children who had certain skin conditions, particularly fungal infections and school sores. Majority of the children were prescribed and given medication for treatment and/or prevention of parasitic worm infestations. The dietician gave the children and their caregivers some advice on healthy, nutritious diets and active lifestyles. It was very interesting for the volunteers to learn a bit of sign language from these special children. All the children and staff at Gospel Hostel for Deaf were treated lovingly to a sumptuous lunch provided by the volunteers.


Concurrently, at Valelevu HART nursing home, 20 elderly residents were seen by two senior general physicians, a medical student and a pharmacist. As soon as the team arrived at the HART home, the elderly residents were thrilled to see them. Most of them were eagerly waiting at the common area, excited to speak to the visitors. This was a second medical camp at Valelevu nursing home. The first camp was conducted a few months ago, and this was a follow up medical camp to gauge progress and to also top up on their commonly used medications.

Prior to the doctors’ consultations, the youth volunteers checked blood sugar and blood pressure levels of each of the residents. The doctors had lengthy consultations with the 20 elderly residents, in which they discussed about their health, medications and any other concerning matters. One volunteer also spoke to the residents about their spiritual health and wellbeing (which included the practice of human values such as truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence, apart from chanting the name of the Lord). Like the Gospel Hostel for Deaf, the residents and staff of Valelevu HART home were given a hearty lunch by the volunteers. At the end of the medical camp, some of the residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers for reaching out to them.


A volunteer pharmacist dispensed medications for both the elderly residents and the children of Gospel School for the Deaf. All medicines were given free of cost.


At the end of the medical camps, the members enjoyed a beautiful picnic lunch at My Suva Park along with the volunteer health professionals as a token of gratitude for their selfless service and love.

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