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Be a Hero, Save Three Lives!

Blood Drive at Tappoocity Centre, Suva, Fiji

As part of their “Be a Hero Campaign” which involves facilitating the collection of blood at various locations around Fiji, the youth of Sai Prema Foundation embarked on yet another journey to collect some much needed “liquid love” - blood. The youth teamed up with the Fiji National Blood Services Department from the Ministry of Health and conducted a day long blood drive on Saturday October 28, 2017 at Tappoocity Centre, in the heart of Suva, Fiji.        
The day started off early for the youth who took on the challenge of coordinating and hosting the blood drive. The youth arranged for fresh fruit, sandwiches, biscuits and fruit juice for the donors who needed nourishment upon completion of their blood donation.


The medical professionals from the Fiji National Blood Services facilitated the registration and screening of the patients, conducted iron tests and blood extraction. The Fijian youth encouraged people to donate blood by highlighting its need and benefits, especially to hesitant first-time donors walking the busy streets of Suva. This effort was not futile, as this particular blood drive attracted the most number of first time donors when compared to any of the previous drives. The youth went out of their way to converse and explain to potential donors about the benefits and goodwill attached to blood donation and this was duly reflected in the collection numbers.

In addition, the youth took advantage of this opportunity and decided to have a chat with the donors and advise them of post-donation care, such as drinking lots of water and having a proper meal and avoiding any physical exercise for the next 24 hours. This was again acknowledged by the donors who commended the youth for the “love and care” shown.    

The “Be a Hero - Central” October campaign successfully collected 61 pints of blood on the day. These 61 pints of “fresh blood” will be used to save at least 183 patients as just one pint can save up to three lives!      

Overall, another opportunity to serve well taken by the youth of Sai Prema Foundation and yet another community service offering at Thy Lotus Feet.

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