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Christmas Party for Dilkusha Home

On Tuesday, December 18, 2018 Sai Prema Foundation Fiji hosted the children and staff of Dilkusha Home for a Christmas party at New York Pizza Kitchen (NYPK) at TappooCity in Suva. Dilkusha Home is part of the *Children of God project* whereby the Foundation aims to help look after the needs of orphaned children.


A total of 29 children and eight staff were treated to a ride on Santa’s cart, photos with Santa, a sumptuous lunch at NYPK and play in the children’s play area. To top it off, the children who had their birthday recently cut a Birthday/Christmas cake. The visit concluded with presentation of Christmas gifts to the children. The members of Sai Prema Foundation spent quality time with the children.


Sai Prema Foundation has been working with Dilkusha Home to provide some of the needs of the children. Some recent initiatives include conducting a needs assessment followed up with medical and dental camps, installation of wall fans in the dormitory and annual Christmas parties for the last few years.


In the words of Mother Teresa “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” which resonates during this festive season with Christmas around the corner.

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