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Medical Outreach Report September 1, 2018,

Health on Wheels and Sai Annapoorna Service by Sai Prema Foundation Fiji

In a humble attempt to show gratitude to people who have dedicated their lives in serving their communities, Sai Prema Foundation (SPF) Fiji volunteers conducted a free Medical Camp and free food service to Christian nuns and priests as part of their “Health on Wheels” and “Sai Annapoorna” projects at Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Medical Centre, Suva.

Approximately 69 nuns and priests from various Christian sects and organizations representing Father Law Aged Care Home, Dilkusha Orphanage, Sisterhood of Nazareth, Saint Vincent De Paul and others were given full medical examinations by the Medical Centre staff and volunteers. The Medical Centre is usually closed on weekends to the general public but on this day, a few people had come thinking that the Centre was open. So as not to disappoint anyone, these people were also seen by the Medical Team in the spirit of “Love all, Serve all”.


Sisters walking up to the Medical Centre – for most, it was their first visit. They commented on the neat gardens and inspirational quotes on the way.

Catholic Sisters (Nuns) welcomed by fellow SPF volunteer Mr. Indra Deo

Services were provided by General Practitioners (GP), Nurses, Medical Students, Dentists, Dental Students, Pharmacists and other SPF volunteers in a great multi-faith service. Most of the patients seen on this day were elderly and past 70 years of age. A few doctors had commented later that some of these patients had high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. Some of these were undetected, so the patients were given appropriate medications and referred to their local Health Centres for ongoing check-ups. Also, the Dietician counseled these patients on their diet and lifestyle modifications to help improve their health. There were quite a few elderly nuns with impaired vision so they were all referred to the Ophthalmologist at the Pacific Eye Institute. Also, the Dental Team did oral examinations for the patients, and some of them were referred to Orthodontists at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital for treatment by specialists. The Pharmacy Team dispensed free medicines to the patients and counselled them on how to effectively take them. 


Health on Wheels Coordinator Namrata Tappoo with the Christian Sisters


The Nuns were firstly registered and also given flyers about the Medical Centre to pass on to family and friends. All Services are rendered completely free of cost at this Medical Centre.

After the medical check-ups were done, all the patients for the day were given a delicious lunch. The lunch was sponsored by a volunteer, Mr. Azaad and his team from Island Accommodation. To celebrate his and his son’s birthday, he provided a hearty meal to all the patients and the other volunteers, followed by some birthday cake and dessert. Multi faith prayers were conducted in Arabic for Muslims, English prayers for Christians and Mantras for Hindus by Uncle Indra Deo.

After lunch and dessert, everyone who came for their medical examinations were transported back to their homes. They were all very grateful and showed their appreciation to the volunteers with words of gratitude, hugs, kisses and big smiles.

Overall, it was a very fruitful and humbling experience for the Sai Prema Foundation volunteers to serve the long-standing servers of God and mankind.


One of the eldest Sisters lovingly checked by the in-charge GP – Dr. Artika


Dental Students with a patient. The dental team was headed by Dr. Vinal Harikishan


Triage nurses measuring blood pressure and recording information before sending patient to the next station.


Dietitian, Ms. Shalveena Jeet along with patient undertaking dietary counselling


Dr. Manisha Tuima listens intently to a patient’s medical concerns

Dr. Shaddha Shilta and Medical Students Vrunda and Rohan


Free lunch service for all that attended and took part in the Medical Camp.


Sisters waiting patiently to be seen by the Medical Camp Team at the Medical Centre


SPF Volunteer Uncle Indra Deo’s token of appreciation speech.

Multi-faith prayers were held after the speeches, prior to lunch.

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