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Serving the Elderly

It's been grace to do Seva with German brothers and sisters in an old age home. The youth have been doing this Seva for the past six months and have already collected so many experiences, it's incredible. The youth always think of achievements in terms of money, status and position, but at the end what they look for is small love. It shows how important it is to be compassionate with people and how important it is to have a good connection with friends, family and neighbours before it’s too late. 


There are many inspirational stories with many senior people. When the youth think of Seva to the elderly, they think about going out with senior people to spread love and entertain them, but it always happens the other way around. The elderly are so energetic, open for love and creative, that its ends up that the youthreceive the entertainment rather than doing the entertaining. 


With the vast experiences the elderly have, and the children in them, youth gain knowledge and learn the art of caring. This Seva helps them to learn humbleness, efficiently manage time and develop themselves as a good human being.


When the youth go out for a walk in the park with the seniors in wheelchairs, they share their life experiences and it gives them a chance to learn and correct mistakes by seeing life from a different perspective. It also helps to develop a better attitude when speaking with family and friends. 

Service is worship. Each act of service is a flower placed at the feet of our divine Bhagawan. Pray to Swami to guide in his mission and engage in service to the needy.

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