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Seva through Chess

As Swami says, “Of all the righteous acts, help rendered to those needing it, is the most righteous.” I would like to share my experience from the old age home.


For some time the Sai youth here in Munich have done Seva at an old age home. I have had the privilege to continuously play chess with one of the elderly. I visit the old age home every fortnight and I would always be greeted with a chess board. We play a couple of rounds of chess.


This elderly person shares with us a lot about himself, his former profession as a travel guide. He also shares his knowledge about history and events in some countries where he has worked.


He is already over eighty-years-old and has no relatives and friends anymore. As he rarely leaves his room, we often meet up in the lounge, look for what the in-house library has to offer or we sit down in the cafeteria on the terrace when the weather is good.


The primary focus is not playing chess, rather, it is more about human care, and that someone is listening to him and partnering him in a game, which he likes the most.


I often notice that he is pleased when I visit him, this also makes me happy and gives me a good feeling for what I am doing.


The Seva in the nursing home also reminds me that we all get old, and that the present life is not forever. This thought directs my mind more to the essential things in life and gives me more serenity.


I have been asked why I am doing this. I was a little surprised at first and did not know what to answer. Meanwhile I know a suitable answer for it - “Why not?”

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