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Animal Sanctuary Farm

This time the youth group visited an Animal Sactuary Farm, where 56 animals live.

The bodies and inherent souls of these beings can live there until the end of their present incarnations, instead of being deprived of life and turned over to the slaughterhouse because of illness or injuries.


Michaela, the head of the farm, is the hero here, because she has given the sick and injured animals a home and all her available time since 22 years. She has her hands full of work every day and often at night as well.


Occasionally people come by to help her and the animals. So, the youth group came to help load and unload the hay, chop wood, clean up green areas and create order.


It was very touching for the youth group that these animals, handled with much love and with dignity, are seen and treated as our dear relatives.

After the work was done, the group joined in a memorable experience of singing healing songs and Bhajans, all together in the cozy hayloft, for the health of the sick animals.


Joy and lightness developed in the group during the collaboration for the animals and their home. It was a satisfying feeling to take care of this farm for beings who are our relatives. There was much fun too.

The young people experienced happiness, vitality and contentment, awakened by building friendship between humans and animals, as well as being in harmony with ethical values.


Animals are my friends and I do not eat my friends. —George Bernard Shaw

God desires that we help the animals when they need help. —Francis of Assisi

Animals, like humans, feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness. —Charles Darwin

The greatness of a nation and its moral maturity can be measured by how they treat their animals. —Mahatma Gandhi


In gratitude und admiration to Michaela, the owner of the farm.

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