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Seva in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Sister Zvijezdana from Frankfurt got inspired to feed the homeless, despite not being able to act as part of a larger group, but rather initiate everything on her own. European Youth Meet in Rome in April 2019 especially created a strong desire in her, and the first packets were handed out right before Easter. The contents of the packages prepared are usually sandwiches with butter and cheese, some cake or biscuits, a piece of fruit or a juice box and some sweets. The homeless are very dignified in accepting the packages with utmost gratitude. The contact is made soul to soul, without words. Between April and July, 119 food packages were distributed to homeless and needy people, once a month.


"I am glad to have managed to overcome my insecurity and do what my heart always wanted. I feel for those people out on the streets, especially for the youth who turned to addiction. I am sorry that I can't help more than this."

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